Color Seal


This Old Grout’s Color Sealer will restore grout back to the uniform color of your choice and stain proof the grout all in 1 application. See how easy it is to achieve professional results.

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Color Seal is formulated to match any grout manufacturer’s color palette. Simply choose your grout manufacturer and shade below to order the match.  If you aren’t sure of your grout manufacturer or aren’t trying to match your original color, then no worries! Color Sealer allows you to choose any color!

You can change your grout from dark to light, or light to dark. Simply choose any shade you like from the many options below. *Note: monitor calibrations vary. Colors match grout manufacturer’s plastic sample kits.

Tile Size

Square Feet per 8oz.

4 x 4125 sq. ft.
6 x 6200 sq. ft.
8 x 8275 sq. ft.
12 x 12350 sq. ft.
16 x16450 sq. ft.
18 x 18500 sq. ft.
20 x 20 550 sq. ft.
Plank300 sq. ft.