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Color Seal is formulated to match any grout manufacturer’s color palette. Choose your Color Seal shade from the tabs below.

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2 thoughts on “old grout color charts

  1. Stephen Clayton says:

    Hi I am trying to matching old grout in Kitchens in 2 of my apartments. It is very dark chocolate brown. I tried to do Mapei at stores but the matches are not too close

    closest matches you have look to be:

    Walnut in the C-Cure

    sable Brown in the Custom bldg

    Maybe flash walnut in Hydromet

    The kitchens were installed in 1989 and the grout is 97% still good in one and 95% in the other – except for around the sinks

    What do you think? should I just buy 2 oz of each color and see which is the best match?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Stephen,
    That’s probably your best bet so you can be sure you get the color you want. All 3 of those are dark browns.
    Thanks and good luck with your project.

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