Discover the Permanent Tile Cleaning Solution Used by Professionals to Restore Grout Right Back to New Again, and Stain Proof It in 1 Application

Color Sealing…An Easy To Use Do-It-Yourself Tile and Grout Restoration System

grout color sealer

Grout Color Seal Is Used To:

  • Change Grout Colors To Any Color
  • Eliminate Grout Discoloration Problems
  • Protect New Grout Installations From Stains
  • Restore Grout Color To A Uniform Appearance
  • Renovate And Revive Existing Tile Installations

do-it-yourself kit

The DiY Grout Re Color Kit is a complete grout restoration system in a box. It has everything you need to clean and restore up to 350 sq. ft. of tile and grout like a pro.  The kit is an excellent bargain and represents a 40% savings off the normal price. More Info


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what is grout color seal?

This Old Grout’s Color Seal is also known as Grout Colorant, Grout Dye, Grout Stain, or Grout Paint.  It is used to restore, re color and stain proof tile grout. In one application, it not only makes grout look brand new, it creates a durable layer of STAIN PROOFING GROUT PROTECTION to the grout joints that prevents dirt and spills from being able to soak in. This means that any future dirt and spills simply wipe away with cleaning solution.

Let’s Face It, Dirty & Discolored Grout Can Spoil The Look of a Whole Room

With This Old Grout Color Seal, you can refresh your existing tile installation and save the inconvenience and expense of replacing worn out grout or tiled areas.  The results are simply amazing. A fresh clean look can instantly bring back the beauty of old tile floors and counters using the Color Seal grout sealer.

Super Simple To Apply

(Watch Video Demonstrations) If your grout is sealed, simply start by cleaning it first with Deep Clean to strip away the old grout sealer. Then, use Easy Clean to pre-treat the grout to bond with the Color Seal grout stain. Once the area is dry, apply the Color Seal to the grout joints using a toothbrush and light scrubbing motion.  Simply wipe away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface with a damp cloth and your grout is restored!  Click here to see video instruction of the whole grout restoration process. In just a few minutes, your grout is transformed back to its original color, or any other color you choose. The Color Seal absorbs into your grout and forms a cohesive chemical and mechanical bond that maintains a natural look and never looks shiny, fake or painted.

Protect your new grout, restore your old grout, or change the color of your grout and stain proof it in one easy step. Order Color Sealer Here.