Grout Re Color Kit

  • Grout Brush
  • Applicator Brush
  • Gloves
  • Towels
  • Applicator Tip
  • Deep Clean 16oz
  • Easy Clean 16oz
  • Maintain 16oz
  • Color Seal 8oz

Sticky: Tile And Grout Cleaning Made Easy

Frustrated Trying To Keep Your Tile And Grout Clean?

“Finally, The Answer To Cleaning Tile And Grout… And Keeping It That Way!”

This Old Grout is a widely known industry expert in the field of tile and grout restoration.  And you now have direct access to the very products and system the professionals use to clean, restore and protect porcelain and ceramic tile and grout.

Why Just Clean Tile & Grout….When You Can STAIN PROOF IT!

Our proven process is used by cleaning professionals world-wide in residential and commercial applications. It eliminates dirty and discolored grout joints and seals out future dirt and spills.  With a 15 year durability rating, even spills left to dry are simply removed with cleaning solution, leaving the grout in new condition.

Click here to learn more about the easy grout color sealing process and DiY products

2 Responses to “Sticky: Tile And Grout Cleaning Made Easy”

  • Dona Boley:

    What is the grout color made of? Is it an epoxy or acrylic? Does it stain the existing grout or surface color it?

  • admin:

    Our Color Seal is a heavy bodied modified acrylic emulsion. It recolors existing grout to the color of your choice…from dark to light or light to dark. The real benefit besided the grout looking new again is that the grout is stain proofed and protected against dirt and spills in the future.

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