Grout ReColor Kit

  • Grout Brush
  • Applicator Brush
  • Gloves
  • Towels
  • Applicator Tip
  • Deep Clean 16oz
  • Easy Clean 16oz
  • Maintain 16oz
  • Color Seal 8oz

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The Best Present A Husband Can Give–Grout Stain

We regularly receive feedback from customers about the great results they’ve achieved doing their own tile cleaning and grout recoloring projects. Here’s the latest grout sealing testimonial from a happy customer:

Wow what a product. Ease of use and the outcome is fantastic! Now I must do the rest of the house because we cannot just have the MBath looking great. I will follow up with additional pics once I get more done. The most important part is my wife LOVES the outcome.

Before Grout Sealing

After Grout Coloring

Making your tile and grout look new again is really easy.  Using tile and grout restoration products designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind means achieving professional results is easy for almost anyone.

Tile Cleaning Doesn’t Clean Your Tile

Well sort of. But if you leave the dirty water on the floor after you clean the tile, the dirt in the water is left behind when the water evaporates. Next time you do your tile cleaning, use a white terry cloth towel to see just how much dirt is really left behind. (Don’t use your best towels)

You might be surprised at how dirty the towel is. All that dirt on the towel would have been left on the surface of the tile.  And the dirt in the water/tile cleaner residue would have discolored your grout. The best way to keep your tile clean is to dry the floor after the tile cleaning process. Remove any puddled water that accumulates in the grout joints or in the recesses of some tile designs. This ensures all of the dirt is removed and makes your tile cleaning effort much more effective.

But Aren’t Cleaners Effective For Tile Cleaning?

Tile cleaners today do have agents in them that help lift dirt to the surface. The lifting agent (surfactant) works best when the tile is drenched with tile cleaner and water, and rinsed with clean water. With even the best tile cleaning products, it’s a fact that any tile cleaning residue or mop water left on the tile and grout will still leave behind dirt.

Properly done, floor cleaning can maintain a tile floor in a like new condition (assuming the grout was protected with a grout sealer like our grout colorant) with regular mopping. Just remember to use the proper grout and tile cleaner and the proper tile cleaning techniques and you are sure to achieve excellent results.

The Secret To Keeping A Tile And Grout Floor Clean

I’m often asked about using a no-rinse cleaner for maintaining stone, tile and grout. People are always looking for the quickest way to clean their tile and grout with the least amount of effort and may decide to use a no-rinse floor cleaner rather than rinsing when cleaning their tile floor.

Both types of cleaners do a good job of loosening dirt from the tile and grout surface and floating it to the top for removal. But what’s the difference between rinsing and using a no-rinse tile and grout cleaner?

Most cleaners “do what they do” using surfactants. A surfactant is an additive that increases waters “wetness”. I know, sounds strange right? By decreasing waters surface tension, surfactants allow cleaners to be more effective at lifting the dirt and spills from the surface.

But here’s the part that gets me about no-rinse cleaners…I guess it’s best described using an analogy.
Let’s say you’ve had a great year and buy yourself Ferrari. You wax your Ferrari so that it’s easier to clean the bugs off from driving down the coast on the let’s compare that to protecting your grout with a sealer. Now let’s say you’ve had a long weekend on the coast driving your convertible Ferrari up and down the winding highway and now it’s time to clean it. (I think I need a vacation… and a Ferrari)

So you break out the bucket and sponge and use a no-rinse cleaner. You wipe the whole car down with the no-rinse cleaner and a sponge and then it’s clean right?

Uh, no…

You’ve just wiped a bunch of dirty water and bug guts all over your Ferrari. At least now it’s evenly dirty all over but you can see your neighbors mocking you.

As far as I know, none of the floor chemical companies work for NASA and have invented a way to “vaporize” dirt off tile and grout. When you wash your dishes, do you use a rinse cycle? When you wash your clothes, do they get rinsed? When you shower, do you lather up and get out?

Seriously though, rinsing the floor removes the majority of the dirt the cleaner has lifted from the surface and any extra cleaner residue. Even if you rinse, unless you are using a new mop and new mop water for every area, you are still leaving dirt on the floor.

So how do you keep the floor clean?…DRY THE FLOOR.

People don’t want to hear that, but the truth hurts. Try this. Mop a floor using a no-rinse cleaner. Now take a big white terry cloth towel and dry the whole floor with it. Take a quick look at the your white towel and you are sure to be disgusted with how dirty it is. Leave the floor wet, and that dirt doesn’t just disappear.

Over time the dirt builds up leaving the tile and grout looking dingy. Drying the floor is the only real way to keep tile and grout clean no matter which type of cleaner you use. Not rinsing before you dry the floor just means you’ll have more cleaner residue on the towel with all the dirt when it’s dry.

For those that don’t or won’t dry the floor, plan on doing a heavy scrubbing every 6-12 months to deep clean the tile and grout. If you leave dirty mop water on the floor, the more you mop, the worse the tile and grout will look.

What’s Needed To Start A Tile And Grout Cleaning Business?

To start a tile and grout cleaning business, all you need is a little training. The products to restore tile and grout are easy to use and the process is proven. So you might be asking what more do you really need?

Well the real answer is you don’t need anything to get started right away. One of our most successful tile and grout cleaning business students put himself through college working out of the back of a Honda Civic. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in expensive equipment or vehicles. While there is equipment that will save you time and labor, it is not necessary to perform the services.

With no more than a couple hundred dollars in materials and supplies you can accomplish the same results as someone with a $40,000 truck mount system. This low barrier to entry makes it very easy to start a tile and grout cleaning business of your own. Even operating part time can lead to a substantial income every month.

Our Online Training program gives you a real head start by providing many of the items you’ll need to start your tile and grout cleaning business; forms, advertising pieces, customer service procedures, video training, before and after pictures, brochures and much more.

Start a tile and grout cleaning business today and start bringing in extra income. Who knows, maybe even replace your job and start working for yourself full time. Hundreds of other people have done it and we can help you do it to. Check out our tile and grout cleaning business opportunity and see how easy we make it.

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Frustrated Trying To Keep Your Tile And Grout Clean?

“Finally, The Answer To Cleaning Tile And Grout… And Keeping It That Way!”

This Old Grout is a widely known industry expert in the field of tile and grout restoration.  And you now have direct access to the very products and system the professionals use to clean, restore and protect porcelain and ceramic tile and grout.

Why Just Clean Tile & Grout….When You Can STAIN PROOF IT!

Our proven process is used by cleaning professionals world-wide in residential and commercial applications. It eliminates dirty and discolored grout joints and seals out future dirt and spills.  With a 15 year durability rating, even spills left to dry are simply removed with cleaning solution, leaving the grout in new condition.

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