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What’s Needed To Start A Tile And Grout Cleaning Business?

To start a tile and grout cleaning business, all you need is a little training. The products to restore tile and grout are easy to use and the process is proven. So you might be asking what more do you really need?

Well the real answer is you don’t need anything to get started right away. One of our most successful tile and grout cleaning business students put himself through college working out of the back of a Honda Civic. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in expensive equipment or vehicles. While there is equipment that will save you time and labor, it is not necessary to perform the services.

With no more than a couple hundred dollars in materials and supplies you can accomplish the same results as someone with a $40,000 truck mount system. This low barrier to entry makes it very easy to start a tile and grout cleaning business of your own. Even operating part time can lead to a substantial income every month.

Our Online Training program gives you a real head start by providing many of the items you’ll need to start your tile and grout cleaning business; forms, advertising pieces, customer service procedures, video training, before and after pictures, brochures and much more.

Start a tile and grout cleaning business today and start bringing in extra income. Who knows, maybe even replace your job and start working for yourself full time. Hundreds of other people have done it and we can help you do it to. Check out our tile and grout cleaning business opportunity and see how easy we make it.

6 Responses to “What’s Needed To Start A Tile And Grout Cleaning Business?”

  • training is a great way to start out a carrier and nice income potential. though it may be hard to get the ball rolling , persistent marketing should get the phone to ring

  • mary:

    how much population do you figure to support 1 tile cleaning business?

  • admin:

    Hi Mary,
    I would guess 100,000 if you network well.

  • admin:

    The right kind of persistent marketing. Networking can lead to quick income and relationships that continue to bring in business. Online marketing puts your business in front of customers, right when they are ready to buy. Check out our internet marketing firm at Go Pro Local Online Marketing. We help all sorts of businesses.

  • joe lattuga:

    Hi interested in starting a grout cleaning business in Nevada would I need a contractors license? Or would that be more needed for grout repair/replacement??

  • admin:

    Hi Joe,
    Licensing requirement vary by state. For information about licensing requirements in Nevada, see: http://www.nvcontractorsboard.com/contractor_license_requirements.html#2

    Basically, if you stay under $1000 including labor and materials, you don’t need a license. I recommend contacting the registrar of contractors for more specific information. They are at:
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday
    8:00am – 5:00pm
    2310 Corporate Circle, Ste 200
    Henderson, NV 89074
    Phone: (702) 486-1100

    Best of luck to you. Let us know if we can help in any way.

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